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Organism Trophic level Number of caterpillar primary consumer 80 dunnock secondar y consumer 8 hawthorn bush producer 4 sparrowhawk ter tiary consumer 1 a Use the information in the table to draw an accurate pyramid of numbers for this data on the grid below.

With reference to the investigation in this question, explain the terms i population 1. The table shows her results. The male has a large, colour ful tail that he displays during courtship to attract a female to mate with The sex chromosomes in the cells of a father are XY.

Blood entering lungs The insects were allowed 4bi0 1b que 20130523 mate and the number of offspring they produced after two weeks was counted. The white part of the leaf has cells that do not contain chloroplasts.

The marks foreachquestion are shown in brackets use this as a guide as to how much time to spend on each question. Complete the passage by writing a suitable word or words on each dotted line.

Red blood cells White blood cells 3 2.


She decided to study one species of woodlouse, a small animal found under stones and rotting wood in damp and dark places. The first statement has been done for you. Well need their agreement if the time ever comes.

The plant was destarched by leaving it in the dark for 24 hours. Some apply to red blood cells and some to white blood cells. Complete the table by giving the missing characteristics and examples.

These changes occur very rarely but their incidence can be increased by chemicals or ionising radiation. Suggest how removing hawthorn bushes will affect the size of the dunnock population. Use F and f to represent the alleles.

Show the parental genotypes and gametes, and the offspring genotypes and phenotypes. Design an investigation to find out if noise affects the amount of crops birds eat. Type 1separate hard lumps, like nutsType 2sausage-shaped but lumpyType 3like a sausage but with cracks on the surfaceType 4like a sausage, smooth and softType 5soft blobs with clear-cut edgesType 6fluffy pieces with ragged edgesType 7watery, no solid pieces a Suggest why a patient might produce Type 1 faeces.


Vol ratios on the rate of osmosis into the potato. Suggest why sprint athletes gain no advantage from training at altitude. Suggest a property that these tendons should have.

Use a tick 3 if the group has the characteristic and a cross 2 if the group does not have the characteristic.


Leaf X then had a strip of black paper attached to both the upper and lower surfaces. Explain how the structure of the leaf is adapted for its role as the organ of photosynthesis.

This is done by passing the dialysis solution over the tube containing the blood. Science 4BI0 Double Paper:4 bi0 1b_msc_ 1. Mark Scheme (Results) Summer Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Biology (4BI0) Paper 1B Science Double Award (4SC0) Paper 1B Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate Biology (KBI0) Paper 1B Science (Double Award) (KSC0) Paper 1B.


Time: 2 hours 4BI0/1BR 4SC0/1BR You must have: Ruler Calculator Instructions tt Use black ink or ball-point pen. Fill in the boxes at the top of this page with your name, International GCSE.

2 *PA* Answer ALL questions. 1 (a) The table shows four different groups of organisms. Paper: 1B Thursday 23 May – Morning Time: 2 hours KBI0/1B 4BI0/1B KSC0/1B 4SC0/1B You must have: Ruler Calculator Instructions tt Use black ink or ball-point pen.

Fill in the boxes at the top of this page with your name, centre number and candidate number.t t Answer all questions.


KBI0/1B 4BI0/1B KSC0/1B 4SC0/1B Pearson Edexcel Certificate Pearson Edexcel International GCSE. 2 *PA* Answer ALL questions. 1 The table gives features of three different groups of organism.

Complete the table by putting a tick (9) in the box if the organisms in the group have. May 19,  · 4PH0_1P_que_ BIO Lect 8a Hardy Weinberg FourPolymorphismsofVEGF(+C>G, T>C, - C > A, and - G > A) in Susceptibility to Psoriasis: A Meta-Analysis.

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4bi0 1b que 20130523
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