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There Coffin opened a country store, which became a successful enterprise, soon including pork curing and the manufacture of linseed oil. The only son of Levi and Prudence Williams Coffin, Levi coffin essay was taught by his father and engaged in work on the farm.

Thanks to his commercial abilities, it operated at a profit, though its success did not advance the free-labor movement significantly. See also Wilbur H.

Coffin moved the escaping slaves to the next stops along the route during the night.

Biography of Levi Coffin

Stow, who was living in the city at the time, was acquainted with the Coffins, who may have been the inspiration for the Halliday couple in her novel.

By this time Coffin was wholly dedicated to peaceful measures for opposing the institution of slavery. There he was born of farmer parents on Oct.

North Carolina Quakers, Anti-Slavery, and the Underground Railroad: Home

He also continued his educational efforts in behalf of African Americans. See also Wilbur H. As a Quaker pacifist he was opposed to war, but supported the Union. The cotton was shipped to Cincinnati, where it was spun into cloth and sold. The plantation struggled financially because it had no equipment to automate cotton production.

Together with his cousin Vestal Coffin, he began a school for slaves, teaching them about Christianity and Bible reading on Sunday afternoons. Coffin and his wife spent almost every day at Cincinnati's military hospital helping to care for the wounded.

Two years later, they moved to Newport in Wayne County, Indiana. What he learned came by his own efforts.

His home became a center of secret activity for conducting runaways north to freedom on the Underground Railroad, and he gained fame as informal "president" of what was largely a loose federation of people and routes for encouraging fugitive slave enterprises. There Coffin opened a country store, which became a successful enterprise, soon including pork curing and the manufacture of linseed oil.

InCoffin moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he opened a wholesale store to sell goods manufactured by free labor. The man replied that it was to prevent him from escaping and returning to his wife and children.

He spent his final year writing about his experiences and activities of the Underground Railroad. According to his own account, Coffin became an abolitionist at the age of seven when he asked a slave who was in a chain gang why he was bound.

Biography of Levi Coffin

According to Coffin's account, not long after moving to Newport his home became one of the Underground Railroad stops.Levi Coffin came of an old Nantucket, Mass., family, part of which had settled with a Quaker community in New Garden, N.C.

There he was born of farmer parents on Oct. 28,and raised with little schooling. Levi Coffin and Catherine White, the sister of his brother-in-law, marry at Hopewell Friends Meetinghouse in North Carolina on October 28, Levi Coffin's parents move to Indiana.

Levi Coffin was that and much more. He and most of the people involved in the Quaker religion believed that all men were equal and it was his divine purpose to do everything in his power to help.

Levi took it a bit further than most. Levi Coffin was born, the only boy of seven children, in Greensboro, North Carolina on October the 28,to Levi Coffin and Prudence Williams Coffin (“Levi Coffin”). As a child growing up in North Carolina, Levi was continually surrounded by slavery, although his family did not join in this practice.

In his essay titled The Underground Railroad, Levi Coffin chronicles the trials and tribulations of operating a safe house for slaves. Levi Coffin, known as the president of the Underground Railroad, successfully helped thousands of slaves escape to freedom.

Levi Coffin

The Underground Railroad by Levi Coffin | July 2, What is the duty of a citizen? When something, morally questionable or even morally wrong, is sanctioned and even actively supported by the government, where does the duty of the citizen lie?

Does the citizen oppose the government outright and thereby jeopardize his livelihood and his.

Levi coffin essay
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