Role of youth in peace building

A peace activist should be able to see through the mechanisms of vested interests and not be hoodwinked by a crack to legitimize. The universalization of peace development should be a priority goal of the leadership in the 21st century.

Advancements in science and technology over the last five decades have revolutionized the entire world. Skalli, Hanna Loubna and Thomas, M. The youth are creative and innovative.

Peace is love, love that is nurtured in the wombs of the mother. Peace development education should be part of the national education policy. This program should also help them to perceive situations programs and complexities from a world view with its different values, beliefs, attitudes and aspirations, and from there develop effective skills to communicate and to coordinate their inter-personal understanding across various barriers.

A renowned Peace Scholar by name Johan Galtung describes violence in three ways.

Promoting Peacebuilding Participation: African youth as peacebuilders – a viewpoint

Magnus Haavelsrud Norwegian peace educator says, "There are no simple answers to how education can contribute towards disarmament and development. We must accept that children are an asset of the nation.


For preserving peace, youth must play a decisive role. View Discussions The modern world is becoming smaller, highly integrated and technologically more advanced.

A starting point for peace building is what we term human development indicators or other measurements of longevity, competency, or purchasing power developed by international agencies and donor institutions.

It is my position that the trends of the past cannot be allowed to continue into the 21st century. How can youths be effective agents of peacebuilding? Youths, just as they are very active in perpetrating violence, they can equally be effective instruments of peacebuilding in any society.

This wealth creation process however, has failed to fulfill aspirations of the youth and bring prosperity and peace to the large majority of people living in many parts of the world. We must ensure that 21st century should be a century of tolerance and peace, led by the youth.

Organization of African Youth OAYformed as a result of the ratification of the African Youth Charter, has been working with young people all over Africa and advocating for the inclusion of African youth in all spheres of society, as enshrined in Article 11 of African Youth Charter.

Peace has psychological, sociocultural, ethnic, economic, and politically strategic dimensions. It is estimated that the population of people aged between 15 and 24 years in is a whopping 1.

They should engage youth in the development of strategies on how to develop the culture of peace and development of pro-peace initiatives. However, it should be emphasized that peace education does not teach students what to think, but rather how to think critically.

The national government, having developed the National Policy on Peace and the National Peace Development Policy for Youth, must now be the guiding light in extensive awareness building and implementation of these policies at the ground level.

No wonder, they are where they are today. The experience of agencies working with youth support this idea. In poor countries, mothers face all sorts of problems - no proper nourishment, they work hard, there are no health services at time of birth, and husbands make unrelenting demands and treat them like slaves.

The second is to reduce the poverty among the disadvantaged, who make about 40 percent of the population of the world.

They too are confronted by violence, social injustice and complexities planet-wide. They should learn to combine their enthusiasm with patience, realising the importance of living together and should be responsible to defend the frontiers of peace and non-violence.

UNESCO understands young people as heterogeneous group in constant evolution and that the experience of being young varies enormously across regions and within countries.

Next authors explore the quality of child and youth participation in peacebuilding and results from assessing the following 8 principles: However, it is important to consider that over million young people live in fragile and conflict-affected contexts and over 24 million of them do not attend school.

Religious teachings should be based on respect for all religions so that there is no compulsion in pursuing a certain religion. What are the main ingredients of a peace strategy for, by and of the youth?

Many of these factors can positively or negatively influence impact depending on how they are addressed or neglected. Conflict resolution is an enormously demanding job and it goes along with peace studies.

Incorporation and utilisation of youths in peacebuilding processes would facilitate their transformation from agents of violent conflict, to agents of peace in their societies.


In the sphere of ethnic development, the youth of different ethnic groups can build links between cultural minorities and popularize collective values, mutual culture and traditions.

It then presents findings concerning CYP impact in 4 key areas: Enter your email address below to subscribe to new posts on the Impero Software blog. Himsa against a living being makes complete self-realization impossible. At the global level, there are many possibilities for involving the youth:Youth mobilization in peace-building efforts is more likely to be successful if young people are given the capabilities and opportunities to work with local and national governments.

Youth will be part of the future local development and assume important roles in the resolution of conflicts within their communities. Thus building their capacity as peacebuilding actors is key to strengthen democratic governance and solve problems at the local and national levels.

Youth should develop an open attitude and universal outlook. This is the real empowerment of youth. Empowering or enabling is like a process similar to teaching and fishing. For preserving peace, youth must play a decisive role.

The Role of The Youth In Peacebuilding ln Our Society

Youth should be exposed to merit of tolerance and nonviolence. The experience of the International; Youth Parliament (IYP) is that an increasing number of young people are rejecting violence and becoming involved in peace-building efforts at the grass roots, national and international level.

Promoting Peacebuilding Participation: African youth as peacebuilders – a viewpoint There is a range of literature on the role of young people in conflict situations, most focusing on young people as violent by nature rather than as a product of their communities.

“The role of the youth in the peace process” There are more young people than there are adults in many parts of the world so the youth must have an active role in peace building. It is ironic that while the number of young people is overwhelming, their contributions to a more peaceful society is mostly ignored.

Role of youth in peace building
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